Abnormal Pregnancy

Special Program for Pregnancy Loss

Learning that there is something wrong with your unborn baby is devastating news. The decision whether or not to terminate the pregnancy is an agonizing decision.

Please know that our counselors are trained and able to help you through this terrible time.

We also work with other professionals who can provide additional counseling services if desired, either individually or in a group setting. Supportive therapy is available for the pregnancy loss as well as genetics counseling through our referral program.

Prenatal diagnosis may not occur until well into the second trimester of a pregnancy. When a fetal abnormality is diagnosed grieving may begin long before a decision is made to interrupt the pregnancy.

Most parents make this very agonizing decision based on what is the most loving thing they are able to do for themselves and their family.

The staff at Women’s Health Services are sensitive to your situation and have many years of experience helping families through this very difficult time. (See description of our Second Trimester procedure).

Women’s Health Services will need to contact your doctor to receive copies of all of the reports regarding your diagnosis.

Patients who have been diagnosed with a fetal demise will require additional blood work prior to the appointment time. WHS recognizes the importance of follow-up testing in many cases of fetal abnormality or demise. Pathology or chromosome testing is ordered when appropriate.

Women’s Health Services has established relationships with many testing centers in the Boston area and will work with your doctor to provide you with the highest quality of care.

Something you may want to consider prior to your appointment is whether or not you would like to prepare for funeral or cremation services following your procedure. Your counselor will discuss this with you further at your appointment.

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