Please Note: We remain fortunate among family planning providers that although the Massachusetts buffer zone has been eliminated, our patients can enter our facility through our driveway without having to confront protestors and park in our private parking lot. If there are no spaces, you can be dropped directly at the front door and the guard will valet park your car for you. We also have a private discharge area. We will do what we can to help you avoid any unsolicited interchanges with protestors.

Women’s Health Services

With nearly 30 years of experience, we offer a full range of gynecological health care and family planning services.

We Perform First And Second Trimester Abortion Procedures – Including Medical Abortions – In A State Of The Art Licensed Clinic And Ambulatory Surgery Center.

A medical abortion at WHS requires only one visit to our facility. This is different from most other facilities that provide medical abortions, which require a second visit to confirm a successful procedure. Read More


Our gynecologists are all on staff at Boston teaching hospitals. They, along with other dedicated professionals, make sure that each patient is treated with dignity and respect and is well taken care

We Have 3 Waiting Rooms – Your Privacy Is Assured!
Abortion Clinic Patients Have A Separate Waiting Room & Private Exit
We Are Attentive To You From The Moment You Arrive
A Counseling Room Where We Address All Of Your Concerns & Answer All Of Your Questions
Our Many Works Of Art Throughout The Facility Celebrate Women & Supports Local Artists
An Elevator Makes All 3 Floors of Our 7,000 Sq. Ft. Facility Easily Accessible
One Of Several Of Our Pristine Exam Rooms
A ‘State Of The Art’ Surgical Procedures Room
Our Recovery Room Where Someone Is Always Present To Attend To Your Needs.
Our Recovery Room Is Private & We Always Make You As Comfortable As Possible
of both physically and emotionally.

These factors along with the availability of appointments, the choices in anesthesia, and our special program for fetal demise and fetal abnormalities set Women’s Health Services apart from other abortion providers.

Next Day/24 Hour Appointments Are Available Monday Through Saturday

Compassionate and experienced phone counselors are available, Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 8am to 1pm, to discuss your situation and options, answer any

questions you may have, and to schedule an appointment. Before or after these hours you can always send us a message via email and a phone counselor will promptly return your call when the office re-opens.

Please contact us via our online form or call us at 617-277-0009 to request an appointment or free phone consultation. Your right to privacy will always be respected and protected.


  • “Upon arrival I was greeted by the most amazing, caring and knowledgeable staff. We were truly blessed to have each person we came into contact with be so kind to our situation. I am blessed you were there all along with me.”

  • “I am so thankful to all of the staff at Women’s Health Services. My care was superb. I was treated with the utmost respect and compassion. I am a health care professional and was just so impressed with my care. Bless you all.”
  • “The women I spoke with were all very helpful, loving which made for an overall pleasant experience during an otherwise extremely sad process. I congratulate the strength you all have here. Thank you all for your tenderness and reassurance”
  • “I cannot thank you all enough. The whole staff has made me feel so well taken care of. I could not ask for a kinder group of women. Thank you all so much for taking such good care of me.”
  • “Everyone here was so nice, caring, understanding and helpful. Thank you to everyone that worked with me. I can’t tell you enough the difference it made for me. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend your facility to others.”
  • “Superb treatment! Everyone here is great from the front door to the exit! Thank you so much ladies for the compassion and gentleness.”
  • “I had anticipated a much worse experience but the staff was amazing: nonjudgmental, kind and informative. Very private and discrete. I am happy I chose Women’s Health Services!”


Announcing Three New Programs For Patients:

  1. An option of a 1 day procedure from 14-16 and 6/7 weeks (may not be available all days)
  2. An option of a 2 day procedure from 21-24 weeks (only requiring 1 day of cervical ripening)
  3. A walk-in option for patients having a medical or surgical procedure under 14 weeks.

Please call (617) 277-0009 for further details on the requirements for each of these three new options.